The Mets all-time Kryptonite starting lineup

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Right fielder Duke Snider

Duke Snider was one of the great triumvirate of New York centerfielders, along with Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle. It was always…Willie, Mickey, and the Duke. And the arguments about who was actually better would be classic.

Snider was known as the Duke of Flatbush. And when the Mets needed another drawing card, they brought Snider back to New York City to join some of his former teammates, and cross-town rivals, with the upstart New York Mets.

The Duke had already carved out a Hall of Fame career with the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, hitting .300 with a .384 OBP and clubbing 389 home runs. But he was already 36 years old when he came home to play for the Mets.

Snider would no longer handle centerfield and pretty much relegated to right field. In 129 games, he hit a career low of .243 with only 14 homers and 45 RBI.

Clearly, he wasn’t the player he was with Dodgers, although he WAS selected as an All Star in his lone season in a Mets uniform.