The Mets all-time Kryptonite starting lineup

New York Mets Yogi Berra
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Second baseman Carlos Baerga

Carlos Baerga was a three-time All Star and two-time Silver Slugger Award winner as a member of the Cleveland Indians. The Mets thought they were picking the Indians pocket when they dumped Jeff Kent and Ryan Thompson on them to get Baerga and shortstop Jose Vizcaino. Mets all know that it was the Indians who picked the Mets pocket, not the other way arround.

At the time, at worst, it looked like it might be an even trade. Baerga could was a switch hitter, with some power, and had a really good glove. Who wouldn’t want an All Star to be added to their lineup?

But after averaging .299 and adding an average of 15-20 homers per season in Cleveland, his star quickly dimmed during his two-plus seasons with the Mets. He hit for a .267 average and didn’t break double figures in the long ball category. He didn’t have any range at second base. He just wasn’t very good. And he was still on the younger side of 30 years old.

Apparently coming to the Mets didn’t do him any good. Heck, it didn’t to the Mets any good because not only did we have to live with his diminished skills, we had to watch Kent do…well…let’s not even go there.