The Mets all-time Kryptonite starting lineup

New York Mets Yogi Berra
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Catcher Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra had retired as a Yankees player following the 1963 season and took over as their manager, leading them to the 1964 World Series. However, after losing to the Cardinals in the Series, the Yankees fired him.

Berra made his way crosstown – to reunite with former Yankees manager Casey Stengel, where he was hired as a player-coach. Yogi had last played two seasons earlier, but the Mets were hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. Who are we kidding? It was for no other purpose than to draw fans…just like they had done the first three years of their existence. Bring in former stars, whose teams no longer wanted them.

Yogi had compiled some very impressive stats, including some 358 home runs. And the guy virtually never struck out. But even given his reputation as a great “bad ball hitter” who could hit anything that emerged from the pitchers’ hand, Yogi clearly had nothing left in the tank. Yogi got into all of four games, with nine plate appearances, and mustered two singles.

Following an at bat in early May, Berra officially retired as a player, like Spahn, citing his greatly diminished skills…specifically…his reduced bat speed. He was three days shy of turning 40 years old.