3 Mets starting lineup philosophy changes to make for a better offense

Some philosophy changes will improve the Mets starting lineup, but it starts with choosing the right players to fit it.
Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
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3) NY Mets need to be more open to more creativity with the lineups

Leading off is Brandon Nimmo. Pete Alonso hitting third or fourth. Francisco Lindor batting somewhere in between. A typical 2023 Mets starting lineup never got all that creative. It was old-fashioned and predictable. What if they tried something different?

We can look at the options as one of the reasons why the Mets didn’t do anything especially strange with the lineup. Nimmo is a natural leadoff hitter and Alonso is one of the best power hitters in the league. Indeed, Lindor is anything from a number one hitter to someone you’d want in the cleanup spot.

What’s so wrong with mixing up the three?

Lindor spent many of his best years in Cleveland in the leadoff spot. And as weird as it may seem for Nimmo to bat third or fourth, a change might do the Mets some good. Alonso in the number two spot isn’t all that crazy. He has done it before—493 plate appearances in fact. The difference is the Mets had more gusto with pop behind him in the order when we’d see him there more frequently.

The Mets don’t have to mix up the starting lineup entirely or keep to it. Occasionally, they should be open to trying new things. Another power bat. A better overall lineup. It can all make a difference in allowing them to take a chance for even a night.