For Pete's sake: Options to bat behind fifth in the Mets lineup next year

Who could give Pete Alonso the much-needed protection he's missing?
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3) Best NY Mets option to bat fifth via trade: Anthony Santander

The trade market is far vaster than free agency so take your pick of anyone you believe is a reasonable option for the Mets. Somewhere on your list might be Baltimore Orioles right fielder Anthony Santander. He’s a switch-hitter with a history of power and only one year away from free agency.

The Orioles don’t seem too keen on spending a whole lot of money unless they raise ticket prices—according to the owner. Trading Santander this offseason rather than go to arbitration with him in year three and eventually lose him in free agency seems like an appropriate move for them. He’ll turn 29 this October which should mean we’re witnessing the prime of his career.

Santander hasn’t been a good defender but is capable of playing both corner spots and first base. This isn’t some sort of romanticism with DJ Stewart leading the conversation toward the Mets and Santander. He’s a legitimately good hitter and appears attainable.

It’s a professional and proven home run hitter like Santander the Mets should look to fill out their roster with. He could share some of the DH duties. He’d be a very appropriate platoon partner with the aforementioned Stewart but also get into the lineup on a far more regular basis. Santander has hit slightly better against left-handed pitchers than right-handed ones. The Mets shouldn’t break the bank in a trade to acquire him. However, he seems like the kind of sneaky-good pickup who’ll be available if it can save ownership some money.