For Pete's sake: Options to bat behind fifth in the Mets lineup next year

Who could give Pete Alonso the much-needed protection he's missing?
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For Pete’s sake, give Alonso a little help. You can find the Polar Bear hitting fourth in the New York Mets starting lineup more often than not. Behind him this year we found way too much Daniel Vogelbach and other unsatisfactory options. Jeff McNeil simply doesn’t belong in the middle of the order in major RBI chances.

Giving their most prolific power hitter protection in the lineup is one of the top needs for this ball club. It’s a waste of a good bat to leave him vulnerable. If pitchers knew right behind Alonso was an equally or almost as dangerous hitter waiting, we might get an even better version of him.

As much as we’d all love to see DJ Stewart bloom into a legitimate major league starter, the Mets need to think bigger. Looking inward and then outward at some possibilities, I’ve come to find one answer from the current roster, one from free agency, and one trade possibility to really like, for Pete’s sake.

1) Best NY Mets option to bat fifth with the team right now: Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, or Ronny Mauricio

Consider this option one of two ways. Either it means the Mets have gone the cheap route or one of these players really has developed into something great. Mark Vientos isn’t in the mix because frankly how can we really believe he’ll be an everyday player for this ball club without a position? The Mets have held him back from being the everyday DH already. What can really change their opinion?

A lot more can change when it comes to Francisco Alvarez, Brett Baty, and even Ronny Mauricio. All three are capable of hitting for power. Only Alvarez has shown it on a consistent basis at the major league level. Mauricio needs to be allowed more time to join him.

Having one of the Baby Mets hit behind Pete is the eventual goal. However, it’s not nearly the best choice for the 2024 season. For that, let’s first look into free agency.