Mets starting lineup of the all-time greats

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Batting ninth and taking the mound is SP Tom Seaver

Does this need any explanation at all? Tom Seaver is the GOAT of the Mets. Nobody is better equipped to pitch for them. Not only is he the greatest pitcher in franchise history, but he’s also probably the best player. He’s an all-time MLB legend and a guy who only a handful of contemporaries even compare to.

Three Cy Youngs, 198 wins, and a 2.57 ERA all help to highlight what Seaver was able to do with the Mets alone. He was a once-in-a-generation player so talented that it’s not even cliché to use the term once in a generation.

Maybe the only downside to having Seaver on this team would be how the Mets had the tenacity to not score enough runs for him. But we don’t solve the issue by putting Jacob deGrom on the mound so let’s stick with Seaver.

We shouldn’t even be concerned about any offense Seaver can provide this team. Although a good hitter during his career, it’s what Seaver could do on the mound that makes him such an absolute legend.

How does this Mets lineup look to you? What would you change? Who would you remove and replace with someone else? Each World Series team has some representation with stars from every decade to please fans of every age.

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