Mets starting lineup of the all-time greats

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Next we have 1B Keith Hernandez

I’m not sure where the best place to hit Keith Hernandez in this lineup is. His career .297/.387/.429 slash line with the Mets screams for the number two spot. Personally, I like Alfonzo up there a little more. Because of this, we have to put our second 1986 Mets player way down at number seven.

It’s not the worst place to put him. Hernandez can pick up pieces the rest of the guys missed.

From the time he was acquired in mid-1983 through 1986, Hernandez was always a .300 or better hitter for the Mets. He gave them okay power with above-average run production. The 1984-1987 campaigns all included 83-94 RBI performances. From the number seven spot in this Mets lineup, I have confidence he could continue to do some nice damage and provide this hypothetical team with some crooked numbers.

Of course, Hernandez’s greatest contribution will be with his glove. Along with Wright and Beltran, this Mets team has some terrific defense that can steal wins by making sure other teams can’t score.

First base has been such a deep position throughout Mets history. There are a couple of directions to go here. With the power elsewhere and the importance of good defense at this spot, I think Hernandez is a safe choice.