The dream Mets starting lineup for the 2024 season

This Mets lineup might never lose a game.
Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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Batting second for the dream Mets is shortstop Francisco Lindor

Francisco Lindor wouldn’t actually be an awful choice to hit first for the Mets. He did it plenty in Cleveland. However, this dream Mets lineup does need Lindor in the number two spot as you’ll soon discover. Putting him anywhere one through five feels appropriate. Coming off of a 30/30 season where he displayed power and speed, he’s the kind of player that can do the trick anywhere.

Lindor has spent a good portion of his time with the Mets hitting third and that’s okay too; just not for this dream Mets lineup. When we close our eyes at night and think of the best possible situation, he scoots up to the number two slot.

We saw what Lindor’s speed can do much more in 2023 with his first 30+ stolen base campaign for the ball club. It’s an attribute that has been lacking from the Mets for years. MLB rule changes helped encourage stolen bases. Because Nimmo still hasn’t begun to run more, it’s a good look to have Lindor at the top of the order doing some of that running.

The bump up in the order for Lindor is more about what the Mets have acquired in the offseason. Remember, this isn’t reality. We’re dreaming big. There aren’t too many potential Mets additions other than the guy hitting behind Lindor.