The dream Mets starting lineup for the 2024 season

This Mets lineup might never lose a game.
Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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Let’s dream a little dream. The New York Mets starting lineup could use some work. The offseason is the point when fans can smile and think of the absolute best-case scenarios; until those dream additions end up somewhere else.

The World Series is over and the offseason work can now begin. Focus can completely shift toward the future and improve the team as much as possible. It’s not realistic for the Mets to build this dream starting lineup. As ridiculous as it may be, we can enjoy the coziness of these nine all together wearing the same blue and orange colored laundry.

Batting first for the dream Mets is left fielder Brandon Nimmo

This is already a hint of some major changes. A dream Mets lineup, after all, needs to exist only in the state of unconsciousness. As unrealistic as it is for the Mets to move Brandon Nimmo out of center field as soon as next season, we have to allow this switch to complete the ultimate dream Mets starting lineup.

Nimmo does remain with the club and nothing has changed with his spot in the batting order. His ability to get on base continues to make him a top-of-the-order guy. However, the power we saw from him in 2023 could always have the team thinking differently in the future.

For this dream lineup, there isn’t anyone more appropriate to bat first. He’s familiar with the role already. Maybe an extra push to steal more bases can lead him to feeling a little more complete.

Nimmo isn’t going anywhere other than a different outfield position. Both a leader and a player the Mets will want to have around, he’s the guy we’ll see batting leadoff for the Mets in 2024 both in our waking and sleeping hours.