Dream Mets starting lineup for the 2023 season

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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7) Dream NY Mets starting lineup: Starling Marte batting seventh, LF

Starling Marte drops significantly in the dream Mets starting lineup but not for a lack of production. He was an All-Star in 2022 and someone who could easily bat close to the top in many lineups. In this one, he bats seventh and changes positions.

With Judge on the roster, Marte moves from right field to left field. It’s probably better for him anyway. Several years ago, he even won a Gold Glove at the position. He can definitely handle it.

Marte’s spot this low in the lineup is in part because of the changes to the lineup and also due to breaking up the righties a little bit. Behind Alonso, it’s good to have the lefty bat of McNeil. Marte then turns things around once more and for a sneak preview of who’s hitting behind him, things change once more.

Marte does offer the Mets some decent pop near the bottom of the lineup and also some pretty good speed. If he’s anything close to what he was in 2022, it will almost feel as if the lineup is starting all over again.

A victim of a massively improved starting lineup around him, it’s nothing personal to have Marte hit this low. If he’s offended, just remember this is a dream.