Dream Mets starting lineup for the 2023 season

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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6) Dream NY Mets starting lineup: Jeff McNeil batting sixth, 2B

Anytime you have the reigning National League batting title winner hitting this low in the lineup you know things are going great. It’s difficult to find anywhere else for Jeff McNeil to logically slot in. He could potentially bat leadoff but with Nimmo’s greater experience hitting first, McNeil goes to a familiar spot he found himself during the 2022 season.

It’s a big change to go from the three previous hitters to McNeil. He doesn’t have all that much power but he can load up on RBI opportunities the sluggers before him missed out on.

Like with many others in this dream Mets lineup, the team can get flexible with him. Although listed as our dream starting second baseman, we’d have to assume he could also play the other positions he routinely finds himself at. The corner outfield spots have gotten to know McNeil well.

After last winter’s constant thought that McNeil would be traded, it’s good to know the Mets are going into this offseason far more secure with what lies ahead for him. They’d have to throw us a huge curveball to deviate away from having him as the second baseman on Opening Day.

Fortunately, he’s exactly what the fans are hoping to see.