Dream Mets starting lineup for the 2023 season

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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5) Dream NY Mets starting lineup: Pete Alonso batting fifth, 1B

Pete Alonso is forced to drop in the starting lineup but I don’t think he’d mind. Ohtani to Judge to Alonso would be the most murderous of rows in modern times. They could challenge for 150 home runs combined.

Alonso is a part of the dream Mets lineup for a couple of reasons. Most obvious is that he is already on the roster. There’s no fear of losing him for at least two more seasons.

His role doesn’t change at all. He’ll get the occasional start at DH but see most of his time at first base. Alonso has become a decent enough defensive player where fans shouldn’t have any thoughts of moving him to the DH spot permanently.

With these three, Buck Showalter could also changes things around based on the opponent. Ohtani wouldn’t be so insulted to drop to number five if the team is facing a lefty. Alonso has become far more than a slugger who swats home runs. He’s a quality hitter who has worked hard to cut down on his strikeouts. He puts the ball in play plenty.

The fear of not being able to pitch around Judge because you have to deal with Alonso next would be immense. Pitchers would contemplate a career change on a nightly basis.