Dream Mets starting lineup for the 2023 season

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Mets
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2) Dream NY Mets starting lineup: Francisco Lindor batting second, SS

Francisco Lindor could fit in with the Mets batting in a variety of different places. For this dream lineup, the starting shortstop ends up batting second. You’ll understand why shortly.

Lindor has routinely hit second or third for the Mets since joining the club in 2021. He has some nice power which could slot him in more in the middle of the order but also speed that could do well at the top.

A typical number two hitter in most lineups—at least from a traditional standpoint—doesn’t quite match with what Lindor can do. They tend to be lighter hitters. We also live in a world where power hitters now bat first for many clubs. It’s not too outrageous for someone like Lindor to hit second for about 162 times.

Because we wouldn’t expect the Mets to drop Lindor too low in the lineup, he ends up batting second in what will be our ultimate dream team for the 2023 squad. After Nimmo reaches—probably on a walk or hit by pitch—it will be Lindor’s job to clobber a home run or maybe remember how to hit doubles again.

This past season, Lindor re-established himself as one of the better shortstops in the game. A lot of the pressure came off of him. And in this dream lineup, with some added superstars, he won’t nearly have as much at stake as some others. This includes the number three hitter in our dream Mets starting lineup.