Mets starting lineup: 2 encouraging, 2 discouraging takeaways this season

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
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Discouraging: The NY Mets starting lineup has as little power as anticipated

Pete Alonso could use a little help. Unfortunately, our fears of him getting very little of it are very true.

The Mets opened the year with Alonso as the only true power hitter on the roster. Francisco Lindor is capable of hitting 30. Nobody should’ve believed Eduardo Escobar would be good for all that many either. Thoughts of Brett Baty or Francisco Alvarez pulverizing baseballs early and for a great distance are beginning to subside. Neither has taken the league by storm. We’ll have to sit back on our heels before either becomes a major power threat in the league.

Remove Alonso from this lineup and the Mets are practically void of power. I know you can do that with many teams. How many good ones expected to compete for a playoff spot don’t have at least a pair of real power threats in the lineup, though?

It’s definitely discouraging for the low power numbers we feared to be this true early on. Unless Baty, Alvarez, or even Mark Vientos if they could find a way to squeeze his bat into the lineup go on some kind of a surge, increasing the pop will have to come from an outside source.

Champions aren’t won by slugging home runs, but that doesn’t make it feel any better. The middle of the Mets lineup isn’t scary for opposing pitchers. It’s more frightening for Mets fans who show up to Citi Field hoping to catch a souvenir home run ball. Sorry kid. Leave your glove at home next time.