3 trades to improve the DH spot for the 2022 stretch run

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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The DH spot has been a surprisingly weak one for the New York Mets starting lineup this year. The trio of Robinson Cano, J.D. Davis, and Dominic Smith received an abundance of at-bats out of this spot with none of them building any positive momentum.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that finding a player to plug into the DH spot regularly isn’t so tough. You can completely ignore their defensive abilities.

With a possible growing need to add a power bat this summer, these are three DH candidates the Mets could trade for and completely change their starting lineup.

NY Mets starting lineup is completely different with J.D. Martinez in the DH spot

J.D. Martinez and his Boston Red Sox friends are doing their best to get back into the playoff picture. They have a long way to go after the team’s slow start. His availability will depend on where the Red Sox are in late July. If they’re out of the playoff picture, expect this soon-to-be free agent to become available.

Martinez has been one of the more underrated sluggers in recent years. A classic change of scenery guy as someone who hit poorly in three seasons with the Houston Astros then suddenly became a star slugger when he joined the Detroit Tigers, J-Mart has done nothing but slug home runs and do it with some pretty superb batting averages over the years.

In fact, if not for his Astros performance, Martinez would own a lifetime average of around .300 and an OBP over .360. He continues to mash in Boston this season and could be on his way to another 30+ home run campaign with a batting average well over .300.

Put Martinez behind, in front, or anywhere near Pete Alonso in the Mets starting lineup and things are suddenly a lot different. It’s a huge boost. He is precisely what the Mets would love to have in their DH spot.

Start gushing now, Mets fans. Tag Steve Cohen in every tweet you can about it. And for Pete’s sake (not Alonso), root against the Red Sox.