3 reasons the Mets lineup is capable of helping them win a World Series

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
New York Mets v Washington Nationals / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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2) NY Mets starting lineup has proven players

The Mets aren’t just built with homegrown talent lacking playoff experience. They brought in a lot of veterans. Guys like Starling Marte, Mark Canha, and even Ruf bring with them experience many of the younger Mets we’re more familiar with haven’t been able to gain just yet.

One challenge the Mets may be facing as they go into the playoffs is a lack of experience. Often, teams need to lose in the postseason before they can win it all. The 1995 New York Yankees. The 2007 Philadelphia Phillies. The 2014 Kansas City Royals. This Mets team might suffer a similar fate although adding guys who have done it before will definitely help them.

Plenty of big hitters come up short in the postseason because the game does change. Starting pitchers are moved to the bullpen to dominate for an inning or two. Managers start playing a level of chess even Bobby Fischer would run away from.

The Mets look built to not collapse in the postseason because of their lineup. One major reason is their ability to make contact and not strike out. For years, this has been a reason why the Houston Astros have had so much success. In 2022, this Amazins have been able to avoid Ks with the best of them.

On a side note, the Atlanta Braves have been one of the worst. They’re hitting for a ton of power but also striking out a ton.