Mets spring training update: 10 roster cuts, Brandon Nimmo debut, Luke Voit opt out

New York Mets Workout
New York Mets Workout / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The first cuts of spring training were announced ahead of Sunday’s game. None of these ten players will make the New York Mets Opening Day roster.

No surprises here. Out of all of the players listed, only two are even on the 40-man roster. Luisangel Acuna and Kolton Ingram were already outside of anyone’s projected 26 to begin the year. Acuna will need some seasoning in Triple-A while Ingram seems to fit best as an optional reliever they can stash in Syracuse until needed.

Fans optimistic about any of the prospects making the club out of camp may be disappointed to see these names among the first cuts. Will an injury change anything? Don’t count on it.

Brandon Nimmo played his first Mets spring training game

A big part of Brandon Nimmo’s plan to stay fresh and healthy for a full season is to take it a little easier in spring training. It’s why we haven’t seen him at all until Sunday. The plan seems to have worked as the idea of Nimmo being a constant injury risk hasn’t been the case for the last two years. In fact, he’s easily the most durable of the expected starting outfielders.

Hitless in his two plate appearances, the biggest Nimmo highlights came while mic’d up.

A lot has been discussed in the offseason about the Mets and leadership. The presentation of these moments feel much more like a coach than a teammate. Nobody should be rushing to sew a “C” onto his jersey. The man leads because he’s a natural at it, not because it’s in his job description.

Luke Voit has an opt out

Will Luke Voit end up using his opt? A bad start to the spring won’t have any Mets fans concerned about the possibility of him leaving. Returning to the Mets on a minor league deal with an invite to spring training could’ve occurred for a couple of reasons. Sitting out any longer would’ve let the rust on his bat pile up even more. At least now he should be ready to begin the season for someone’s Triple-A squad.

If we’re going to take spring training performances for more than what they’re worth, the Mets can easily replace Voit with Trayce Thompson. While far less accomplished in the majors and not an actual DH, summoning him to the majors to replace Starling Marte for instance and allowing the Mets right fielder to DH is one option if the need arose.

Voit was always a longshot to make the Mets roster. Nothing he has shown this spring proves otherwise.