6 pitchers who should get every inning possible this spring

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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6) NY Mets need to learn if John Curtiss was worth waiting for

John Curtiss was signed a year ago knowing he wouldn’t pitch again until 2023. Will he be worth the wait? The Mets will finally get a better idea this spring when they should put him in a competition alongside a few others to actually make the Opening Day roster.

Curtiss’ 2021 season included 44.1 innings and 3.45 ERA between his time with the Miami Marlins and Milwaukee Brewers. He got hurt late in the year and hasn’t pitched since. He’s in full rehab mode and someone to consider high on the relief pitcher depth chart to begin the year.

Curtiss is in little danger of not making it to Opening Day with the Mets. They’d need to have a better option not on the 40-man roster. Otherwise, the Mets will have waited more than a year to see what he can do without ever giving him a fair chance.

Among everyone on this list, Curtiss is the one I want to see pitch the most this spring. He’s the greatest unknown. Recovering from Tommy John Surgery assures a pitcher nothing. Thankfully, he is a reliever. There is no time needed to gear up for length. Once fully healthy and ready to step on the mound, New York can use him exactly as planned.

An honorable mention goes out to Bryce Montes de Oca and Stephen Nogosek. The Mets should already know them well enough and have a proper plan for each. That pairing should still see regular innings in the spring, too.

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