5 big Mets spring training performances from 2023 that turned out to be a fluke

This is why you don't get too excited about spring training numbers.
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
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3) Brett Baty

Cries for Brett Baty to begin the 2023 season on the Mets roster came as a result of more than hype. Baty, while he did only have 2 extra base hits, still managed to drive in 6 runs and do it with a .325/.460/.425 slash line. The power would come with more chances.

The power never did take off. Baty, in 389 MLB plate appearances, managed to clock only 9 home runs. He wasn’t single-happy either. His season would end with a disappointing .212/.275/.323 slash line. Bad defense added itself to the mix to make this one of the rougher rookie seasons for a guy many of us insisted could compete for the Rookie of the Year.

Far too many strikeouts, not nearly enough home runs, and a whole lot of easy outs on groundballs made this a forgettable year for Baty. He looked lost in almost every aspect. If there was any doubt if he was a rookie, one look at him proved it.

Mets fans are a bit torn on what to expect from him in 2024. He went into 2023 as a highly-regarded prospect, but failed to live up to the hype as quickly as others. Those big spring training numbers by Baty turned out to be deceptive.