Expect the Mets to sign Simon Juan, the 16th ranked international prospect

San Diego Padres v New York Mets
San Diego Padres v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Free agency and offseason mode is in full swing for the New York Mets and the rest of Major League Baseball.  We’re seeing the stars of the game tossed around the league in new uniforms and new deals, and what I like to call “rumor-season” has begun.  Let’s shift the attention a bit from the limelight to the youth of the game, a player by the name of Simon Juan.

The New York Mets currently hold spots at number 10, 45, and 53 in the MLB top 100 prospect ranking list. The Mets also have a realistic 6-8 prospects that may be ready to show face in the 2022 season. 

This is all great for the club, In addition to the tops prospects, free agency, and new executive leaders. What has me always wondering is, when’s that next big name coming through? The type of big-name that is currently not a draft eligible player in the United States or Canada!

Who is Simon Juan and why might the New York Mets be involved?

Simon Juan is that name we seek.  Baseball heads across scouting are chirping that this name may be of interest to the Mets. Who is Simon Juan?  He’s an international prospect from Loma De Cabrera, Dominican Republic.  He’s actually ranked 16th of the top 50 International Prospects by Major League Baseball, and he’s expected to sign with the Mets. 

Although a lot of information is withheld publicly, we know through show-case video that Simon Juan is a part of the 2021 class of the Rafael Furcal Baseball Academy.  I’ve gone through video and compiled an amateur evaluation of Juan; although due to his 50-55 grades on the scale (due to amateur rankings), he definitely seems to carry a few tools and comparisons.

Simon Juan, Evaluation Synopsis:

Juan is currently 16 years of age, standing 6’2” at 175 in weight.  He carries an athletic build with strong top and bottom halves, a good arm, and quick feet.  He’s still growing into his body and ironing out his balance and refining coordination.  He carries raw power with a consistent swing, quick hands, and good use of his body at the dish. 

Defensively, he can hold his own with quick feet covering good ground, the ability to field his position, and just over an average arm.  His speed shows off at a 6.5-6.6s 60-yd dash time.  His defensive style is comparable to Adam Jones, where the development of his bat at this age can compare to a George Springer or Carlos Correa.  A lot of potential is shown with Simon Juan.  He’s expected to sign with the Mets.

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