4 Mets players we can suspect will sign with the Phillies

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Brad Hand’s short stop with the Mets could lead to a trip to Philadelphia

A lot of the same things I said about Familia could be transferred to Brad Hand. He is also a former closer that fits in with the idea of the Phillies adding in guys with closer experience to their bullpen but with no promises of actually pitching the ninth inning.

Hand remains someone the Mets should heavily consider bringing back. As understated as his short stint was with the club, the team does need a pair of lefties for their 2022 bullpen. On a cheaper deal, he could be the number two guy with a whole lot of upside.

I have this belief that Hand will, instead, sign a one-year deal somewhere around $5-6 million to become the closer for a bad team. That organization could hope to get the most out of him for a few months before trading him at the deadline. It’s a smart move for any of the constant rebuilders to do. Even smarter would be for the Mets or Phillies to pony up the money and take a chance on Hand—as long as he is willing to not take on the closer role.

The Mets could also use this second option to close for them. Edwin Diaz is far from perfect. If things go awry with him, it’s helpful to have a guy like Hand around.

Until last season, Hand had been one of baseball’s best relief pitchers—whether in a closer role or not. Having already played for the Mets, Atlanta Braves, and Miami Marlins, could the Phillies be next?

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