4 Mets players we can suspect will sign with the Phillies

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Kevin Pillar is another former Mets outfielder we could see in Philly

Kevin Pillar’s one season with the Mets was notable yet not excellent. He was an overall good signing that helped fill in when the Mets were losing a different outfielder daily. He ended up playing 124 games for the team and getting 347 plate appearances. The numbers included 15 home runs, 47 RBI, and a .231/.277/.415 slash line.

Although not terrific, the Phillies really need a center field upgrade. Pillar, as “on the decline” as he may be, is better than anything else they have.

It’s a lot different to see Pillar go from the Mets to the Phillies than it would be for Conforto. New York was a rest stop for him in the twilight of his career. Conforto never represented any other organization.

The Mets have already signed Starling Marte for center field duties, stealing away the best free agent available at the position. This was a big loss for the Phillies whose center field issues are likely to continue through at least next year as well.

As below-average as many of his numbers were in 2021, Pillar is a great fit on many teams as a fourth outfielder. A team like the Phillies would be able to provide him with more opportunities than many others. At least they are trying to win. They also have two holes in the outfield to fill.

A professional whose 2021 performance may have been hampered a bit by injuries and a bad offense around him, Pillar’s agent would be wise to consider talking to the Phillies about his client.