Signing Carlos Correa and 3 other roster moves or decisions the team still needs to make

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3) NY Mets need to decide how they fill their bench internally or with outside options

Once Ruf is gone, the Mets will need to fill his roster spot. Do they do it externally with a free agent signing or trade? It might not be so necessary. Brett Baty as a part-time player in left field and off the bench could work. Mark Vientos, in a role very similar to Ruf, is another option. They’re not preferred but they do give the Mets room to demote or promote players without having to DFA someone.

It does appear the Mets will start the season with a bench that includes the backup catcher, Luis Guillorme, Eduardo Escobar, and one player capable of playing the outfield. Two classic choices are the speedy, glove-first type or the power-hitter to hide in a corner spot only when necessary.

The Mets don’t need to look outward to find suitable options to round it out. It’s something to continue to consider, though. A more experienced bat feels like the smarter direction to go.

If the Mets do stay internal, they won’t have to make their final choice until closer to Opening Day. How players like Baty, Vientos, and maybe but probably not Francisco Alvarez perform in the spring can lead the team toward the final bench piece.

In the meantime, it’s worth the effort to check in with free agents and other teams about trade possibilities.

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