Mets delivered a deathblow to these 3 teams who could have used Brandon Nimmo

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
Colorado Rockies v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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3) NY Mets destroyed the “hometown discount” the Rockies were hoping for

The Colorado Rockies were one of the early teams rumored to have an interest in signing Nimmo. Them? The one team that didn’t make a single move at the MLB trade deadline this past summer? The directionless Rockies who trade Nolan Arenado then go out and pay Kris Bryant a ridiculous amount more not long after?

It’s those Rockies we’re talking about.

Colorado would have been a place where we’d expect Nimmo to absolutely destroy his career averages. Coors Field would have made him an immediate All-Star. On what could have been a semi-hometown discount for the Wyoming native, there was some early fear that the Rockies could overpay for Nimmo and he’d expect just to be closer to home.

Money prevailed. The Mets weren’t willing to get outbid and lose another homegrown player to a sub-.500 baseball team from last season. Jacob deGrom going to the Texas Rangers, a team that does seem to have a purpose, isn’t quite as illogical as the second best free agent outfielder signing with the Rockies.

Colorado will now look at some lesser options for the position, including their current top candidate Yonathan Diaz. He has hit well over the past two years in a limited role. The .304 batting average at home and .260 on the road suggests partly why that is.

The Rockies will now need a new plan if they hope to spend.

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