3 teams that the Mets should be worried about from stealing our Shohei Ohtani dream

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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3) NY Mets competitor: San Francisco Giants

Let's be real, there isn't a team in baseball that may have had a worse offseason than the San Francisco Giants in terms of having egg on their face. Their close pursuits of Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa that ultimately didn't end up panning out resulted in disappointment across their fanbase with them ending up empty-handed as potential big spenders this winter.

You have to wonder if the Giants may be better off, in the long run, saving those funds that were going to be used on both Correa or Judge, and if they now may be allocated to entice Ohtani to take his talents to the San Francisco Bay Area. The Giants seemed intent on landing a star talent this offseason to become the face of their franchise, and there may not be a General Manager in baseball more motivated to make that happen next winter than Giants GM Pete Putila.

The Giants are in the middle of an arms race in the NL West when trying to keep up with the likes of the Dodgers and Padres, which makes Ohtani a realistic target of theirs to potentially change their recent fortunes in the division. The Giants similar to the Padres and Dodgers may have the means to go dollar for dollar with the Mets next winter after their underwhelming offseason.

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