Mets' September priority is figuring out where each of the kids belong

It's all about the kids for the last month of the season.
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

In terms of what the New York Mets should or shouldn’t do, nobody knows better than the fans who follow each year. Like a destructive and disobedient dog or child, often times a team will do the exact opposite. Let’s throw supervisors in there with the dog and children, too. We’ve all had one who makes increasingly poor decisions.

The Mets have wasted away opportunities for much of the 2023 season to see what some of their youngsters have to offer. This needs to change. The final month of the year must prioritize a clear path for the four Baby Mets on the roster. Playing each as much as possible and taking them in a specific direction is goal one.

Nothing is more important to the NY Mets right now than figuring out their youngsters in the big leagues

Francisco Alvarez is hardly a factor in this conversation. He has already won the starting catcher job. Nothing is changing this. He could lose playing time because of bad performance. He’s not getting demoted or landing on the trade block.

It’s those other three who are a bit more cloak and dagger. Brett Baty’s demotion several weeks ago assured us the organization isn’t completely confident in him being their starting third baseman. What about left field? It’s something they need to try out a little more often.

Mark Vientos has been toyed with even more so than Baty. A lack of playing time throughout any of his stints with the Mets seems to confirm they aren’t quite sure on what they think. Vientos needs to be unleashed in every possible way. Hand him lots of at-bats as the DH, but also let him grab a glove occasionally.

Finally, there’s Ronny Mauricio. The member of the Baby Mets held back the longest from his major league debut, the possibilities with him feel more endless. Is he a second baseman? Do the Mets try him out at third base? What about the outfield? Nothing is in the rule books to limit him.

Not much else matters for the Mets in these final weeks aside from the planning of these four. Guys can audition for a bullpen role. A starting pitcher candidate could jump ahead of someone else.

It’s these four position players where the biggest decisions lie. Deeper analysis on the bullpen can wait. It’s where Baty, Mauricio, and Vientos land that needs to be determined.