Signing Max Scherzer was the start of a beautiful friendship with Scott Boras

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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Scott Boras is one of the game’s most powerful people. His name is synonymous with cash and has been for decades now. If not for the New York Mets deciding to hire fellow agent Brodie Van Wagenen to become their general manager, I’m not sure there would be any MLB agent we’d know by name.

Under the Wilpon Regime, Boras’ clients seemed unreachable. It’s not just because of the money he’d get for those players. The relationship between him and ownership always felt a little strained.

Sometimes, they were able to cut deals together. Carlos Beltran was a Boras client. In much less exciting news, so was Oliver Perez. Whatever you think of him, it’s important to have Boras on your sign. By signing Max Scherzer, the Mets now do.

The start of a beautiful friendship between the Mets and Scott Boras

Back when we see Michael Conforto’s free agency approaching and the Wilpons were the ones still running the show, it seemed inevitable that the two sides wouldn’t come to an agreement. Conforto was a Boras client and seeing an agreement come into place never felt realistic.

After his disappointing 2021 season, the Mets decided not to even try to get anything long-term done. They gave him the qualifying offer, he rejected, and then the Mets went in a different direction with their outfield. They had avoided the Boras negotiations until it came time to sign Scherzer.

Scherzer has been one of the most high-profile clients of Boras for the last several years. His huge deal with the Washington Nationals actually aged well even if the team is still paying him for the next few years thanks to a “Bobby Bonilla special” in his contract.

By awarding Scherzer the highest AAV in MLB history, Boras gained even more power in the baseball landscape. As luck would have it, he has another major deal to work with the Mets involved.

While everything has been locked out, Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo decided to switch agencies and fall under the Boras umbrella. Of all the agencies in the world, why’d he have to walk into this one?

Now represented by the most powerful agent in the land, Nimmo is looking to prove his value on the field in 2022 and gain enough to maybe buy all of Wyoming with his next contract. Nimmo’s free agency value remains questionable due to his regular injuries. However, with Boras on his side, we have to expect him to get every last dime.

Even if Boras’ intentions are always to get the highest possible deal done, there’s a value to a good working relationship with him. All things equal, he’ll have the sway to come back to the teams he likes and get a final offer. The Mets already got turned down by Kevin Gausman and Steven Matz this offseason when they seemingly had the best offer on the table. I don’t think Boras would let this happen. More so, I think he’d at least let the Mets counter as long as they stay in his good graces.

Boras is fantastic at what he does. Although a baseball villain in a sense, it’s not such a bad thing to have someone in a black hat on your side. Here’s looking at you, Nimmo.

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