Mets Scapegoats: 1 player who’s cooked, 1 who isn’t, 1 still on the grill

Pointing the finger at one Mets scapegoat who's cooked, who's raw, and another from this season yet to be determined.
Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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3) Still on the grill NY Mets scapegoat: Max Scherzer

Would the real Max Scherzer please stand up? Carlos Carrasco’s season has included good and bad appearances. So has Justin Verlander’s. Nobody’s year has swayed as drastically as the one Scherzer has put together. He never quite stabilized himself as one of the best pitchers in the league like Verlander has been lately; at least not for a long enough period of time. Nor has he obliterated his reputation for enough consecutive starts for us to reasonably believe he is completely cooked. Scherzer remains on the grill with his 2024 fate yet to be determined. He’ll have to prove himself down in Texas. He’s a Ranger.

All of the flack Scherzer received from Mets fans has been justified. The hype. The contract. The talent we know he has. At times, it looked like Scherzer skipped the twilight of his career and went straight to midnight.

The only way we could have accepted this piece of Mets meat is to change our expectations. Scherzer is not the same pitcher anymore. He’s also not a complete waste of a roster spot. He could accidentally have a much better year. Equally as likely is for Scherzer to decline even further and it gets in the way of the Mets making a run. All possibilities are there for Scherzer next season. Alas, he’s on the Rangers’ plate now.

Scherzer is the chef and he’s serving up some mystery meat for the rest of this season and next. We’ll wish him the best, but won’t fret if he’s a little too tough for Texas fans to chew.