1 prospect Cubs could want in a Willson Contreras trade

Chicago Cubs v San Francisco Giants
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Willson Contreras could fall into the New York Mets’ laps today. The latest pre-trade deadline Mets rumors from Andy Martino point toward one prospect in particular who could be on the radar of the Chicago Cubs.

Matt Allan was the third-round pick the Mets built their entire 2019 draft around. They selected nothing but college players after him in the draft in order to have enough bonus money to convince him to skip college and throw baseballs for a living.

Regarded as the best pitching prospect the Mets have, he hasn’t actually appeared in a game since 2019. Tommy John Surgery claimed him and it’s still a mystery as to what he will become.

Mets rumors: Matt Allan could headline a trade for Willson Contreras

Allan is the best pitching prospect the Mets have right now even with him sidelined. Interestingly enough, the Cubbies did acquire Pete Crow-Armstrong from the Mets last year for Javier Baez and Trevor Williams while he was on the IL. The deal seemed to favor Chicago but PCA has still yet to prove himself at the big league level.

In the final hours before the MLB trade deadline, Mets rumors connecting them to all of the parts they’ve been looking at for weeks will include a variety of names. Contreras, with fewer destinations the Cubs can deal him to, might be someone the Mets look at as both a catcher upgrade and DH option.

For the Mets to trade a prospect like Allan to the Cubs they’d be giving up a lot. Even if he is the best catcher available, it’s not necessarily the best move for them to make. There may be a lot of unknowns with Allan’s recovery. More so, how will Contreras and the change behind the plate affect the Mets in 2022?

The Mets didn’t want to get burned by the Cubs again this summer. It could be why a lot of the Mets rumors about their interest in Contreras and teammate David Robertson haven’t come true just yet.

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