3 reasons why a Tyler Glasnow to the Mets trade won't happen

Tyler Glasnow doesn't make sense for the Mets this offseason.
Sep 16, 2023; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow (20) delivers a pitch
Sep 16, 2023; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow (20) delivers a pitch / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Glasnow is one of the most obvious trade candidates this offseason. The New York Mets are a destination everyone seems to insist makes sense. They’re not wrong.

Glasnow’s $25 million payday has the Tampa Bay Rays sweating about the mere idea of seeing their payroll make such a gigantic leap. The Mets, who’ve been open to paying players in all sorts of ways including to play for other teams, remain a fit simply because of the owner, Steve Cohen.

Beyond filling a vacancy in the rotation and the Mets having a willingness to spend lots of money, the match isn’t there. These three reasons will get in the way of any dream Mets rotation you may want to assemble with Glasnow in the front of it.

Tyler Glasnow is an expensive injury risk

The Mets probably will take a risk on someone this offseason with a track record of not staying so healthy. Should it be Glasnow? At the price tag he’ll come with, even if the Rays do eat a portion of the salary, it’s a payroll hit better used elsewhere. Glasnow has topped 100 innings only twice in his career with the 120 he tossed in 2023 being the most. The Rays may be better off keeping him for another year than trying to sell this sports car that lights up inside whenever luminol is used.

Another team will give up a better prospect for Tyler Glasnow

The Mets have been selective when it comes to which prospects they trade away almost to a nauseating degree. The 2022 trade deadline is the prime example of being too careful. Glasnow isn’t the player you finally turn the switch on to get. The Mets have finally beefed up the farm system. You don’t subtract for a rental. Other teams who already have starting pitching and are looking for a missing piece risk like Glasnow can afford to make such a deal.

Tyler Glasnow is short-term, the Mets are looking down field

One year remaining on his contract makes Glasnow the ultimate mercenary. Been there. Done that. And the guys the Mets got before had been much healthier for a good portion of their career. The Mets are thinking down the field. Glasnow is a quarterback sneak up the middle. The Mets don’t need to give up any sort of asset for a guy who will inevitably leave and with $25 million or so of Cohen’s money when he does.

Glasnow to the Mets only works if he’s the third-best option they bring in this offseason. The Rays need to trade him to the Mets far more than the Mets need to add him to their own roster. Midseason when the Mets are in the thick of a pennant race? That's when a move makes more sense.