Orioles winning streak makes Trey Mancini less available

Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles
Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles / G Fiume/GettyImages

Recent New York Mets rumors have been more about who isn’t available as to who is. It’s still a little too early to know exactly all of the teams that will be selling. One of the top DH targets the Mets hand in mind might no longer be available because his team cannot stop winning.

The Baltimore Orioles are now one more miracle away from receiving consideration for sainthood. A ten-game winning streak has pushed them over the .500 mark. They are, somehow, now closer to a playoff spot than anyone could have ever believed.

For the Mets, this means less of a chance to acquire Trey Mancini for DH duties.

Mets rumors: Every Orioles win makes Trey Mancini a less-likely target

On one hand, does anyone believe the Orioles have a chance? On the other, we’ve seen Mets teams do this kind of thing before.

The Orioles could look to pivot and become buyers this summer. If they were to use their fantastic farm system to upgrade the rotation and maybe add a bat, they become a much better foe.

Mancini would be a part of this mix. Previously a player headlining Mets rumors in the month leading up to the trade deadline, it’s looking like Billy Eppler will need to call somewhere else.

Earlier this week, SNY’s Andy Martino speculated about how available Mancini might be considering Baltimore’s recent success. Referring to their trade deadline plans as a “holding pattern,” one has to now question just how in “sell mode” they could actually be. Mancini has been one of the bigger parts of the Orioles in recent years and trading him away now might be the wise move to make but also the most deflating.

The need for a DH won’t be leaving the topic of Mets rumors anytime soon. They’ll get someone for the role. It’s safe to assume that even if the Orioles do see their winning streak come to an end—which it will eventually—that they may buy into their July success and hold onto him.

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