What happens to Jeff McNeil if the Mets sign Trea Turner?

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Trea Turner has become a name making appearances in early New York Mets rumors this offseason. The speedy and increasingly powerful shortstop is a free agent and someone fans are gushing over already.

There’s an obvious problem. Where does he play?

The Mets have Francisco Lindor locked up at shortstop. Second base is the next obvious position to move him. At that spot, they have Jeff McNeil? If these Mets rumors become a reality, what happens to the reigning National League batting champion?

Mets Rumors: Where Jeff McNeil can go if Billy Eppler signs Trea Turner

The Mets can always do something similar when they traded R.A. Dickey to the Toronto Blue Jays only a few weeks after claiming the National League Cy Young Award. This doesn’t seem to be very likely. McNeil holds a lot of value and as much of an upgrade as Turner would be over him (it’s true), McNeil can remain an important part of the team and remain out of any other Mets rumors this offseason.

The Mets could always make a different trade. Mark Canha is inexpensive enough to send to a contender hoping to fill a hole in their outfielder. Again, this doesn’t jive with what the Mets typically do. Canha was good. If anything, he should remain on the roster and become the right-handed platoon partner with Daniel Vogelbach. Sending him somewhere else would open up left field for McNeil on a more regular basis. A problem is solved.

Letting Brandon Nimmo walk, moving Starling Marte to center field, and making McNeil the starting right fielder is an option as well. This might be the most practical approach the Mets could take. It’s hard to envision them signing Nimmo AND Turner this offseason considering both will probably net over $100 million.

Finally, there’s third base. The Mets aren’t moving McNeil there with Eduardo Escobar on the roster and Brett Baty as the next in line for the position. The goal with signing Turner and keeping McNeil would be to have both in the lineup. Third base doesn’t really work.

It would seem that Turner works best for the Mets if Nimmo leaves. Let’s not rule anything out, though. The Mets may have something else up their sleeve.

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