Ranking the top 5 trade targets for the Mets to consider to help replace Edwin Diaz

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Mets trade target to replace Edwin Diaz #1: David Bednar

David Bednar has been involved in trade discussions over the last two seasons, and this could be the year he gets dealt. Last year, he tossed 51.2 innings in 45 appearances. He allowed 42 hits, 15 earned runs, 16 walks, and he struck out 69 batters. His ERA was 2.61, his FIP was 2.43, his WHIP was 1.12, and his ERA+ was 159.

His 2021 was even better. He pitched 60.2 innings and allowed 40 hits, 15 earned runs, 19 walks, and struck out 69 batters. His ERa was 2.23, his FIP was 2.69, his WHIP was 0.97, and his ERA+ was 192.

Consistency is a big thing for elite relievers, and he’s got that. His BB/9 was 2.8 and his HR/9 was 0.7 in each of the last two seasons. His K/9’s were 11.4 and 12, respectively, which is close. His FIPs both years were in the mid-twos, which you love to see.

Bednar has four years of control left, so he will be expensive as well. He’s still 28, so he’s in his prime. Obviously that control at his age and level of production is worth the cost. Similar to the Giants and Doval, would they be interested in Vientos or Mauricio? Could be.

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