Ranking the top 5 trade targets for the Mets to consider to help replace Edwin Diaz

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Mets trade target to replace Edwin Diaz #2: Alexis Diaz

The Mets were in on Edwin’s hermano Alexis last season, so why not revisit that this year? The younger Diaz tossed 63.2 innings in 59 appearances last year. He allowed 28 hits, 13 earned runs, 33 walks, and struck out 83 batters. His ERA was 1.84, his FIP was 3.32, his WHIP was 0.96, and his ERA+ was 244. 

The one knock on Alexis is the walks. His BB/9 was 4.7, which is a concerning number for a reliever. However, he balances that out by not allowing any hits or homers, with his H/9 being 4.0 and his HR.9 being 0.7.

This trade would obviously be bigger than numbers and baseball. We all saw how distraught Alexis was as Edwin was being wheeled off the field the other night. Having Alexis be around during Edwin’s recovery process would be an incredible thing for both of them, and their family. 

Not only that, but Alexis is under team control for five more seasons, which is exactly the length of Edwin’s contract (minus the club option). They’d get to play together for at least four seasons after Edwin’s recovery. That would come at a cost in a trade, but the Reds are one of the worst run organizations in sports, so maybe the Mets can take advantage of that.