Ya gotta believe Steve Cohen when it comes to re-signing Jacob deGrom

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New York Mets owner Steve Cohen is discussed lots but doesn’t do much talking. At Old-Timer’s Day, there was a chance to hear from him. One of the questions he was asked was about the team’s ace, Jacob deGrom. Let the Mets rumors begin about his future.

Don’t worry. These are the good kind of Mets rumors.

deGrom only recently return from a year-long absence and despite the missed time, remains a likely candidate to opt out this season. Fortunately, it sounds like Cohen is eager to bring him back.

Mets rumors: Steve Cohen sounds ready to negotiate with Jacob deGrom already

Thus far, Cohen has delivered on all of his promises. Until he enters the ring at Bash at the Beach and does a leg drop on Macho Man Randy Savage, he’s the ultimate face in Mets history.

Cohen hasn’t had much say in deGrom’s future as it was with the previous regime that he signed his extension. However, this winter, he’ll have a chance to increase his franchise heroics by ensuring deGrom doesn’t walk away.

Here’s the mention from Zach Braziller’s story in the NY Post that has fans thrilled with the latest Mets rumors:

“Listen, he certainly has the right to do that. We love Jacob, and I think he’s the best pitcher in baseball,” Cohen told The Post on Saturday before the Mets hosted the Rockies at Citi Field. “We’ll do whatever we can to make sure he stays. But it’s his decision, not ours.”

The Mets have some huge decisions in free agency to make this winter with deGrom being the biggest. If he remains healthy into the postseason, it might be even easier for Cohen to pass on a couple of pieces of his art collection and ensure deGrom stays in Flushing. The only doubt there is about deGrom has been his health. When on the field over the last few seasons, nobody has been a better pitcher.

Next year’s team salary is looking like it could break every record imaginable. deGrom getting an AAV closer to what teammate Max Scherzer is receiving is entirely realistic. Add in a huge deal for Edwin Diaz, a new contract for Brandon Nimmo, and some other deals to build the bullpen and there’s little doubt this is a ball club that’ll have a $300 million payroll.

Some could insist Cohen’s claims are the only thing he could say about deGrom. That’s not fair for him. Plus, there’s an easy out. He could just as easily skate around the question and say it’s something to focus on after the season is over. Instead, he crosschecked this question right into the boards.

If Cohen is indeed willing to do whatever it takes, there might only be a short span of Mets rumors involving deGrom this offseason. It should become a down deal ASAP.

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