1 trade target we hope the Mets stay far away from

Kansas City Royals v Milwaukee Brewers
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So which closer are the New York Mets going to trade for? Jim Bowden tried to start some Mets rumors shortly after the injury by sharing his list of potential targets for the team. One name stood out as the hardest of “no’s.”

After several years with the New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman ended up in free agency where he won himself a one-year pact with the Kansas City Royals priced at $3.75 million. He’s coming off of an unproductive and dysfunctional season with the other team in the Big Apple where he landed on the IL due to an infected tattoo at one point.

Nobody wants to see this happen. It’s literally the worst of the Mets rumors we’d like to see come true right now.

Fortunately, Mets rumors about a trade for Aroldis Chapman will not go beyond Jim Bowden’s tweet

Conveniently, the Royals do have closer Scott Barlow on their roster as a much more appealing option for the Mets. The 30-year-old has put together two consecutive fantastic years in Kansas City where he saved a combined 40 games. He pitched to a 2.42 ERA in 2021 and bettered it last year at 2.18.

Chapman, meanwhile, looks more like trade bait for the Royals later on this year than an actual contributor. It’s definitely interesting to see them pay him any sort of money when they don’t look bound to do much more than maybe finishing ahead of the Detroit Tigers at best. A player by any other name with a different reputation might be acceptable. Chapman’s past off-field issues with domestic violence and the way he seemed to quit on the Yankees last year are more than enough to not even consider him.

As for Barlow, he’s a $5.3 million player with one more season of control after the 2023 campaign. He’d be a nice fit for the Mets as an option for the team in the closer spot this year. Next season, the Mets could use him as a setup man to replace Robertson whose deal is for just one year.

Pulling off a trade for Barlow this late in the preseason would be a masterful move by Eppler. We shouldn’t expect it now, but prepare for some future Mets rumors with Barlow’s name as the headliner. He makes too much sense not to pursue.

In the meantime, welcome Dennis Santana to the team. Acquired via waivers from the Minnesota Twins on Friday, this out of options reliever will get a chance to make the Mets Opening Day roster.

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