Is signing Shohei Ohtani or trading for Juan Soto the better move for the Mets?

Which superstar is better for the Mets?
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Pros of the Mets trading for Juan Soto

The Mets add a left-handed slugger who can play either corner outfield position. Those spots happen to be two of the more questionable on the roster. What better way to fill it than with a superstar in his mid-20s?

Soto has been the real deal even if not every season has him in the MVP conversation. He's an on-base machine who'd completely transform the Mets starting lineup. All of the pros of trading for Soto are obvious. What about the cons?

Cons of the Mets trading for Juan Soto

Say goodbye to at least one of the top three Mets prospects and a whole lot more. The Padres aren't sending him anywhere unless they reap some reward back for it. They need to feel victorious in the deal. This isn't happening without Luisangel Acuna, Drew Gilbert, or Jett Williams. If you’re high on any of the breakout pitchers from the 2023 season, forget all about hugging them tightly.

With Soto, the big con comes in with how uncertain it is the Mets get to keep him. Unless they can guarantee a trade and sign, they run the risk of surrendering a lot for only one year of his service. Those who'd prefer to wait until after 2024 will need to be cautious. Any team that has him under control first might always go above and beyond to ensure he never gets to free agency.