4 Mets prospects to take off the table in a potential Shohei Ohtani trade

Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees
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3) NY Mets prospect Kevin Parada is off-limits in a trade for Shohei Ohtani

It will be a few years before we see Kevin Parada in the major leagues. Trading him for a guy with a bit more control than what Ohtani will have this summer isn’t insane. If Ohtani wasn’t about to hit free agency this winter, the circumstances would change a lot.

The same rules apply here as they do for Alvarez. The Angels probably wouldn’t even want Parada. Another catcher to fight for playing time alongside O’Hoppe, it starts to get redundant to have more than one promising young backstop within your organization.

The Mets may eventually need to decide between Alvarez and Parada. This becomes especially true if Ohtani ends up signing with the Mets in the offseason. Ohtani would occupy the DH spot most of the time. Alvarez and Parada on the same major league roster doesn’t make as much sense if both are going to reach their full potential.

Parada isn’t completely untouchable in trade negotiations. It just seems like a quick rush to send him packing when the Mets remain unsure of their backstop situation. Plus, with the Angels having less of a need for a catcher already they’d be likely to ask for even more alongside him.

Mets fans eager to see Parada on the major league roster one day don’t need to worry. He’s not a fit in a potential Ohtani trade.