5 trade candidates to start thinking about amid Max Scherzer injury concerns

New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two
New York Mets v Detroit Tigers - Game Two / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages
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2) Another former All-Star pitcher to bolster the Mets' rotation

The Chicago White Sox will soon enter a fire sale due to their position in the standings and recent performance. The disappointment of the White Sox roster on the field will make them reconsider their options, so they should also consider selling their controllable veterans.

Right into this category falls former all-star pitcher Lance Lynn. Unlike Giolito, Lynn has one more year on his contract but in the form of a club option worth $18 million with a buyout of $1 million. While the buyout is reasonable, the club option is high for a team that can go into rebuilding mode.

Lynn is no longer the same pitcher who posted a 2.69 ERA this season in 2021. However, Lynn has been a reliable pitcher throughout his career, with an earned run average of around 3.50 in his 12 years of MLB experience.

This 2023 Lynn has been underperforming mainly due to a more hard-hit contact allowed and an increase in his walks. But according to the expected statistics from Statcast, Lynn has had bad luck, and an improvement adjustment will happen.

Due to his cost and current performance, Lance Lynn may be a candidate who can offer a lot for a relatively low return in a trade with the White Sox. The Mets could greatly benefit from a pitcher of Lynn's experience and arsenal getting into a needy rotation.