Kris Bryant, Michael Conforto remain realistic possibilities for the Mets to sign

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When the MLB lockout ends, you’ll know who is a true baseball fan and who isn’t. Save up your sick days. There’s going to be some madness! We should expect a few big New York Mets rumors immediately after the transaction freeze is lifted. Some of those Mets rumors could focus on a pair of bats we’re very familiar with.

According to Pat Ragazzo of Sports Illustrated, the Mets are still looking for at least one more big bat. Two names one industry source tells him the team is likely to pursue are Kris Bryant and Michael Conforto.

Bryant has been a topic of Mets rumors for several years now, dating back to his disgruntlement with the Chicago Cubs organization. A fit for the team at third base, he’s also a corner outfield option should they choose to play him there at any time. Conforto has played for no professional organization other than the Mets. When the club signed Starling Marte and Mark Canha, I think we all believed his tenure in Queens was over.

Why Kris Bryant and Michael Conforto are the current headliners in Mets rumors

Bryant and Conforto have something in common. Neither would cost the Mets a draft pick if signed. Bryant was traded midseason which disqualified him from being able to receive the qualifying offer. Conforto got one from the Mets but turned it down. If he did return, they can’t lose a draft pick to themselves—although some former general managers of this organization might have found a way.

For Bryant, the Mets could easily slot him in at third base, move Eduardo Escobar to second base, and trade Jeff McNeil. It seems like a major priority of the team to move on from McNeil. Early 2022 Mets rumors have focused on his destiny with the ball club and it doesn’t sound likely that he’ll return, at least not as the starting second baseman.

Conforto might be a little more difficult to picture back on the Mets. However, the added DH can help solve this. Put him or Canha in the role and allow the other to play one of the available corner outfield positions. Robinson Cano would get his share of playing time as the second baseman or occasional DH. I’m not sure the Mets have much confidence in him at all but they also don’t seem prepared to release him.

Either player would be a nice addition to the Mets roster and seriously bulk up on their power. Conforto might actually be the more ideal fit given his left-handed bat and the absence of a lefty slugger. The Mets have a pair of switch hitters, Escobar and Francisco Lindor, yet no left-handed hitter with power. Conforto could help solve this even if those goodbyes from the end of 2021 suddenly become a little awkward.

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