3 Justin Verlander trade packages Billy Eppler can’t refuse

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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The Mets can generate a huge boost to their farm system in a trade with the Baltimore Orioles

Among the teams in need of starting pitching, the Baltimore Orioles emerges as one that would be interested in Justin Verlander at the right price. A trade with the Orioles would be very complex for the Mets.

First, the team would have to convince Justin Verlander to accept a trade to the Orioles organization, which would be difficult due to the city and its possible doubts about the level of competition. On the other hand, the Mets would have to assume and sacrifice more financial resources in a trade with Baltimore because it is not a big market team looking to spend a lot of money.

Taking on more resources on a Verlander trade would force the Mets to demand an even bigger return. In this sense, the Mets can demand two outfield prospects that would make the Mets' farm system a top 5 in the league.

If the Mets can convince Verlander to go to Baltimore, the team could get Heston Kjerstad and Jud Fabian. Both outfielders from the Orioles system with great skills at the plate.

Kjerstad would undoubtedly be the headline player of this package for Verlander. The Orioles' Triple-A outfielder is the No. 4 prospect in the organization and No. 36 in all of MLB. Kjerstad is a corner outfielder with more power-over-hitting and great arm power on defense.

Fabian is a Double-A corner outfielder for the Orioles. Fabian has an elite bat speed with the ability to generate top-of-the-class power with the tradeoff that he also generated a lot of swing and miss.

In a trade package with the Orioles', the Mets could get their 2024 Opening Day left field and a prospect who could debut as early as 2025 as a possible replacement for Starling Marte. This is a return that Billy Eppler would be happy to accept for Justin Verlander.