A Dodgers pitcher to keep an eye on in any Justin Verlander trade

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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If the New York Mets rumors come true and Justin Verlander ends up with the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the main players headed back to New York could be Emmet Sheehan. According to Jack Harris of the Los Angeles Times, the 23-year-old New York native is a “coveted” prospect the Mets would seek to add in any potential Verlander trade with the Dodgers.

Sheehan has made 7 MLB starts this season, going 3-1 with a 5.77 ERA. He has been phenomenal in the minors, owning a 14-3 record and 2.76 ERA in 26 starts and another 13 relief appearances.

NY Mets rumors: Emmet Sheehan is the prospect to expect in a Justin Verlander trade

Money will be a factor in any Verlander trade and as we’ve seen with the trades the Mets are making, they’re willing to eat all or a part of the contracts they’re dealing away.

As a sixth round pick from the 2021 draft, he isn’t in the same class as some of the other names we’re more familiar with in the Dodgers' system. The reasoning to target him, however, is explainable. He has outperformed expectations. Already getting his feet wet in the majors this year, he’s a guy the Mets can already think about having in the rotation at some point next season or even for the remainder of 2023.

A Verlander trade to the Dodgers is no sure bet. As Harris notes, Detroit Tigers lefty Eduardo Rodriguez appears to be the alternative option. The benefit of adding Verlander brings them an extra year of control. Rodriguez has an opt out in his contract and anything the Dodgers give up for him could end up as an overpay for a rental.

The Mets face their own challenges when it comes to trading Verlander. Sheehan might have good minor league numbers. He even has a connection to New York. The Mets will need much more than just him and some cleared salary space to justify trading Verlander. Dealing JV assures us the plan has completely changed whether we like the return the Mets are able to get for him or not.