Justin Verlander trade rumors resume with a number 1 contender named

Justin Verlander trade rumors have returned and a top destination has been named.
New York Mets v New York Yankees
New York Mets v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Should we bank on the New York Mets trading Justin Verlander? Absolutely not. However, some nighttime Mets rumors from Mark Feinsand of MLB.com point in the direction of the team potentially dealing the high-priced ace before the August 1 trade deadline.

According to two MLB executives, there is a belief Verlander could end up traded. The back-and-forth over the last few weeks on Verlander’s future with the Mets has become a bit exhausting. His no-trade clause and openness about wanting to stay in New York should be a dagger in the heart of any Mets rumors suggesting they’d deal the star finally beginning to shine brightly this season.

Along with stirring up those Verlander rumors yet again, Feinsand names the Texas Rangers as the number one contender to land him.

NY Mets rumors: Justin Verlander trade rumblings have resumed with some destinations

The Rangers definitely look like a team ready to put all chips into the center of the table. They’ve been far better than they could’ve imagined. Snatching the 2023 World Series now is imperative. Trading for Verlander in the absence of Jacob deGrom would more than make up for the absence of the former Mets ace with another.

This isn’t a one-team bidding war, though. Verlander’s former team, the Houston Astros, are another destination named by Feinsand. According to one of the executives, a surprise “sleeper” club to land him would be the Cincinnati Reds who’ve outplayed expectations even greater than the Rangers. They need starting pitching more than just about any team ahead of the Mets in the standings. A strong farm system, plenty of payroll space, and a team in need of a haymaker trade deadline addition should make them an option albeit more of a “sleeper” than anything else.

It still does feel farfetched for the Mets to actually trade Verlander. In only the first year of his new deal with the team, the problem the Mets would have is replacing him next year. They can go the route of signing two quality players for around the same amount of money they’d pay Verlander. Of course, this would require any team who does land Verlander to take on his full salary which itself feels unlikely.

Mets rumors involving Verlander are good if only because it gets the conversation going. The team has more important chips to move before the August 1 trade deadline. Don’t expect the chatter to quiet down in the coming days. The Mets signaled they’re open for business the moment they sent David Robertson to the Miami Marlins.

Someone send Billy Eppler some coffee. He’s going to have a couple of busy days and we don’t want him making any decisions without a clear and wide awake head.