MLB insider pitches a pair of veteran opt-out candidates for the Mets to consider signing this offseason

Which veteran with an opt-out in his contract is a better fit for the Mets?
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Joel Sherman left no stone unturned in his latest piece for the New York Post where he looked at what the New York Mets roster could look like in 2024. His focus went beyond just the questions the Mets have to answer internally with the players they currently have. He took a look at how they can look to improve themselves.

There was a lot to take in with what Sherman wrote and one of the more noteworthy topics was in regards to which bats they could bring in. Sherman pitched the idea of the Mets potentially looking at Justin Turner and/or Whit Merrifield this offseason.

Both veterans have opt-outs in their contracts after the season ends. How likely is it we see one or both land in Flushing?

NY Mets rumors: Should Justin Turner or Whit Merrifield be a primary target for David Stearns?

Turner and Merrifield are very different players, maybe more so at this point of their careers. Turner is, of course, one of those many Mets who got away a little too early and found glory elsewhere. Merrifield made a name for himself with the Kansas City Royals playing every day and stealing a lot of bases while being a versatile defender. Without a doubt, Merrifield had one of the more underrated stretches of baseball from 2017-2021.

Neither is in their prime any longer. Turner is mostly a DH with the occasional start at first base. Merrifield has become more of a starting second baseman yet can be found playing all over the field. As Sherman described, he’s a right-handed Jeff McNeil.

Adding either adds something missing from the roster this year. Turner is the obvious DH upgrade and a candidate to hit as high as number two in the order or provide some much-needed protection in the five-hole behind Pete Alonso.

Merrifield, while not quite as electric this year with the Toronto Blue Jays as he was in the past with the Royals, would offer the Mets more speed and an abundance of everyday flexibility. He’d even be a suitable candidate to play every day at a particular position.

Looking at the two closely, Merrifield does start to feel a little redundant with McNeil on the roster. If he had a lot more experience at third base, maybe it makes more sense. He’d be a left field option, but McNeil already is as well. Plus, with Ronny Mauricio pounding the pavement to take over at second base and Luisangel Acuna sitting there in Double-A looking to eventually do the same, it seems the priorities should be elsewhere.

Turner answers a question of who should DH for the Mets. Merrifield is worth exploring yet not seemingly quite as necessary. He’d probably also look for a destination a bit more stable in terms of how much playing time he’d get. On the Mets, it could be a little more ambiguous.