The best we can hope to get from the latest Mets rumors about Juan Soto

Mets rumors about Juan Soto are nothing new so what do we take from the latest?

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Buster Olney didn’t exactly shed any new light or provide some amazing insight into the long dreamed of New York Mets rumors suggesting the team will take a run at Juan Soto next offseason. All he did was confirm what we already knew.

The Mets will seek to sign a young, generational player? With Steve Cohen’s money? Is there an Arby’s nearby?

There’s no real beef within these Mets rumors. But if there is one thing about it Mets fans can enjoy it’s how destructive they can be for the New York Yankees.

The newly-minted Mets rumors about Juan Soto coming to Queens is distraction fuel in the Bronx

As aggravating as it will be to hear months of talk about what Pete Alonso’s future looks like, there is some pleasure in knowing Yankees fans will undergo the same with Soto. They have several other notable free agents as well plus plenty more burdensome contracts on the books to go along with it. 

Both New York baseball teams are in a state of “this is it.” The Mets are blindly throwing the darts and hoping for the best. The Yankees are fully invested in the 2024 campaign. Failure will lead them to taking a step back next year or force them to continue paddling out to sea while the boat takes on more water.

The latest Soto rumors were mostly a result of the Mets and Yankees facing off against each other on Tuesday. The matchup itself already had everyone thinking about the fat wallet in Steve Cohen’s back pocket and how likely it is for David Stearns to use all of the fresh money the team will have off the books to sign a superstar.

Soto has been terrific so far this spring and looks to be worth every penny and prospect the Yankees paid to have him. Two prevailing theories with soon-to-be free agents is that they’ll have a big year ahead of getting a contract or stumble because of how differently they play ahead of making the most money in their lifetime. Soto could just as easily have a year like Aaron Judge did before he was a free agent. He could also flatline and have one of those low batting average, less power years he has been known to put together at times.

The Yankees knew what they were getting themselves into and were willing to play the psychological game. Anything short of a championship with Soto will turn out to be a loss if he leaves. Just wait until rumors of the Boston Red Sox becoming a destination surface later this year to really grind down on the hearts and hopes of Yankees fans.