Which 3 Mets players would the Padres demand in a Juan Soto trade to get a conversation started?

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2) Jett Williams is a prospect the team could sell high on, but should they?

There isn’t a Mets prospect there I’m more of a fan of than Jett Williams. It’s funny how one year can make a person go from getting really into Kevin Parada to shifting gears and being all about the guy the Mets took right around the same time in the draft, Williams.

What makes Williams so intriguing are the possibilities. He was a shortstop who has now shifted into playing some center field. Obviously, shortstop is blocked with Francisco Lindor. Center field could be the path for Williams to eventually slot in while maybe remaining flexible.

Small in stature yet far from short of talent, he’s another one of those prospects mentioned as a must in a deal for Soto. I tend to agree. Williams is the sort of headliner the Padres should look to add to their organization if they’re going to send Soto anywhere this offseason.

Combined at three levels this year, Williams hit .263/.425/.451. He managed to go deep 13 as well. The most notable statistics came from his legs and eyes. Williams swiped 45 bases in 52 attempts and walked 104 times.

Williams has future leadoff hitter written all over him. Listed at only 5’6, comparisons to Jose Altuve are already happening. I’d be more hesitant to trade him than Gilbert at the moment because of the different types of tools he brings. Plus, I get easily attached. Now where is my childhood teddy bear?