Which 3 Mets players would the Padres demand in a Juan Soto trade to get a conversation started?

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We’re going to see lots of New York Mets rumors this offseason involving the possibility of a Juan Soto trade. Will it actually happen? It’s going to take a ransom even if the San Diego Padres are hoping to lower the payroll.

Soto is the kind of player you do sell a part of the farm to acquire. The debate for Mets fans is whether he’s worth it with only one year of control left and a team that looks further from contention than it did at the start of 2023. The reloaded farm system has given them some assets to move. Should any of those prospects be removed from the upcoming Mets rumors?

Zach Rotman took a look over at Friars on Base at three Mets prospects that the Padres must demand in any trade for Soto. Are any worth hugging onto tighter to keep?

1) Is Drew Gilbert a strong enough headliner in a Juan Soto trade?

Drew Gilbert came over from the Houston Astros in the Justin Verlander trade and excelled for Double-A Binghamton. In his 154 trips to the plate there he slashed .325/.423/.561 with 6 home runs and 21 RBI. It was a huge improvement from what he did in 264 plate appearances in Double-A prior to the trade deadline; a .241/.342/.371 batting line, another 6 home runs, and 20 RBI.

What do we digest from this? Gilbert got better changing teams. It’s not because the Mets are magical. More so, Gilbert might have figured some things out.

He’s still very fresh to professional baseball having played only 11 games last season and another 116 in 2023. Gilbert has given us a ton of optimism that he’ll be in the big leagues very soon and contributing in a major way.

There is a huge uneasy feeling about trading away Gilbert. Although the attachment to him is brand new, it’s understandable why the Padres would want him in a trade involving Soto. He feels as much of a “must” as anyone in the organization.

Do the Mets agree to it? As good as Gilbert could end up being, things can get real crowded at Citi Field in the outfield, real fast. Gilbert is not untouchable in a trade for Soto only if the other players they have to give up are more expendable. For sure, the Mets can’t trade Gilbert and this other prospect.