Jameson Taillon shares why he chose the Cubs over Mets

Chicago Cubs Photo Day
Chicago Cubs Photo Day / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Jameson Taillon was mentioned in plenty of the offseason New York Mets rumors. He ultimately landed with the Chicago Cubs on a four-year deal worth $68 million.

At Cubs camp, Taillon talked about what the Mets were willing to offer him and how the Philadelphia Phillies actually gave him more. The four years and $72 million offered by Philadelphia ended up going to Taijuan Walker. 

As for the Mets, they gave Taillon the same money and years as the Cubs. Why did he choose the Cubs instead?

Jameson Taillon turned down the Mets for the Cubs for a couple of reasons

Despite the desire to stay in New York, just changing the borough of where he’d pitch regularly, the Cubs made a strong enough impression on him. From Jon Heyman’s story, the “I’m big on communication” is the quote of Taillon’s that stands out most.

Reading through the lines, it does seem Taillon was willing to take a little less money for the chance to be a more frontline starter for the Cubs. There’s no debate about which team has the better chance to win in 2023 or even 2024. The Mets are in a full win-now position. The Cubs are attempting to get back to .500.

Another notable mention as to his reason came from this line in Heyman’s story:

“The Cubs made it clear from day one I was a top priority,” Taillon said. “If you can nerd-out and talk pitching with me, that really works for me. They showed me a good plan. It’s been exciting.”

It seems the philosophy of the Cubs management over what the Mets had to offer fit in with Taillon’s inner-baseball nerd. Viewing himself as their top offseason priority definitely seemed like a major factor in getting the two sides across the finish line. On the Mets, Taillon would have been a number three or four starter.

Instead of Taillon, the Mets spent $75 million on Kodai Senga over five years. A much more palatable deal with some protection against him undergoing Tommy John Surgery, it does seem like the Mets won’t have too many hard feelings toward Taillon.

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