3 offseason Mets free agent targets we'll be grateful they didn't sign, 2 we will wish they did

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Three
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5) The NY Mets have moved on from Zack Britton and for good reason

It’s not because the Mets had another former reliever of Buck Showalter, Mychal Givens, that has me and many others questioning the interest in Zack Britton. He has barely pitched over the last two years. Add in the shortened 2020 campaign and this is a once great reliever whose arm may have gone cold during these recent injured seasons.

Signing Britton would have come with the same disadvantage as inking Chafin in the way that neither would have minor league options. Britton would cost less so DFA’ing him could make sense if things didn’t work out. What if the Mets just needed a fresh arm? Chafin would have been the guy to get instead.

Britton may be holding out to receive a major league contract before signing anywhere. He definitely could be a fit for the Mets or someone else on a minor league deal. At least then you could go into the regular season with him proving himself on the farm. A major league deal feels too risky for a team like the Mets who cannot afford to make such a big roster mistake.

Even if it means having just one lefty consistently in the bullpen this year, Britton was not the guy to go out and guy. We’re grateful the team seems to have moved on.

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